Who's on TiME?

TiME is a blended learning platform delivering training in maths and English

Innovative, inventive and new

We’re really grateful students have taken the time to let us know how TiME is helping them gain confidence, skills and opportunities over the last six months.

Students’ experience

It’s not just one thing that transforms the students’ experience of learning maths and English – it’s a combination: the courses are engaging and helpful, but the tutoring they’re getting from their training provider, and the support and camaraderie they’re getting from the other learners are massively important too.

In other words, it’s the blend that is really effective: course, platform, training provider, tutors and students working together to really make a difference to maths and English confidence and achievement.

What are the students saying?

These students have been using TiME for the last six months.


Steve talks about his past experience of learning maths and English and what is different about his experience on TiME. He’s been surprised to find he’s enjoying it!


Mercy has had very positive school experiences, but is getting a lot out of this new way of learning.


Jake wasn’t keen on having to do maths and English again but has found this whole experience very positive. He’s now really focussed on achieving his qualifications and having more to offer employers.


Izzi really values the relationships with tutors and the other learners. She’s now weirdly excited about doing maths and English outside the courses!


Georgina likes being treated like an adult, is really focussed on getting her qualifications, and is developing in skills and confidence in both maths and English.


Dean gets a lot out of the individual attention from tutors and the lack of distractions from a classroom. He’s focused on making himself better fitted for work and is finding TiME a really positive experience.


Dan enjoys working on computers but loves working with other people who’re focussed on developing their skills together. The course has helped him get work, but he’s still coming in to do it because he enjoys it so much!


Candy didn’t want to come on the courses, but now doesn’t want to leave! Her confidence and skills in maths and English have increased and it’s helped her in her career already.


Amber finds her experience on TiME much more positive than trying to learn at school. The content and structure of the course is a help, but working with the other students makes a big difference to her too.