What's on TiME?

An innovative, inventive and new platform with a focus on learning maths and English in realistic contexts and as part of a broader training in communication and employability skills.

Video stories

TiME delivers maths and English training in context, with the courses built around mini soap-opera stories.

The scenes are designed to keep you interested, provide context for the application of maths and English in the real world, and also give a shared theme for learning at different levels.

In classrooms with people working at different levels, this shared context strengthens the community and means that all the learners can be discussing the same issues, but working towards different outcomes.

Kayla sets Jamie on the path to fitness!

Amy, Malachi and discuss opportunities, challenges and bus routes

The guys have got their record stall working, and discuss how they can pull in the punters.

Presenter videos

Why do we do maths?

Intro to Fundraiser Episode 11

Compass points

Using number lines

These blended learning courses deliver all the elements of a lesson – presentation of concepts, contextualisation, practice, testing and plenary.

We provide learners with consistent tutorials and learning paths through the video presenters so that their real-life tutors can concentrate on their one-to-one role and on analysing and meeting the learner’s individual needs.

Explainer animations

Presenting ideas clearly and with a very visual, step-by-step style helps learners understand, revise and build on concepts and methods.

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The area of a circle

Campervan crisis – the problem

Campervan crisis – the explanation

Ordering instructions

Spelling tips